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PC trading, mobile trading, it’s eligible for the operating systems of different platforms. Various trading platforms of FXBTG provide for you excellent speed and performance to ensure you being in complete control of your trading experience. You may find an appropriate platform to meet your unique needs.



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Our Awards

FXBTG is committed to providing leading products and services in the industry for retail and institute users. The supreme products and services provided by FXBTG, together with continuous innovations and investments made by FXBTG have been accepted by multiple international awarding bodies, which have earned us 46 awards for so many years.

Avatar 2016

· The 2nd FX Brokers Annual Meeting in China
· Financial Derivatives Industry Annual Celebration
· “4N Performance Champion ” of Chinese Performance Expert.
· The 3rd Global FX Ranking List
· Golden Agent of CCTV Securities Information

Avatar 2014

· Best Service Award of Global FX/ FX Industry
· Best FX Trading Platform / Zhongjin Online

Avatar 2011

· 2011 Best FX Platform Award of Hexun Finance
· Most Potential Platform in China of Foreign Exchange Through
· Best Faith Award of FX168 FX Treasure
· The 18th European Finance Expo

Avatar 2010

· The Most Innovative Product of Washington Post
· The Most Individualized of Inc5000
· The Best Global FX Retail Platform

Avatar 2009

· Internet Weekly's best localization
· Internet Weekly Technology Strategy Award
· "Global Finance" value list top 100
· CEO's Growth Potential Award

Avatar 2008

· 21st Century Asian Financial Conference
· Best Precious Metals Financial Award

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Comments From Investors And Traders:

We have helped 4 million students around the world achieve their financial goals.


Lan TingSecondary Trader

FXBTG is a very formal and safe trading platform. I worked here from 2014. I used to work with other platforms, but the products of Fxbtg cover all trading markets, the spreads are low, its speed of data execution is fast, cash inflows and outflows are fluent. It is a very nice platform to investors. After all , it is OK, thumbs up for it!”

Han SufenSenior Trader

How time flies! It’s almost 2019 in the blink of an eye. I have been trading in FXBTG for 9 years! On the Eve of new year, I express my gratitude to the team fighting and serving in the forefront of FXBTG, you are reliable team! ”

CaiEJunior Trader

“ This is a very safe and reliable trading platform. I used to lose money in stock and futures markets. I’m very lucky. My friends introduced FXBTG to me a few years ago. Based on past trading experiences, I made up for my losses and earned a little profits. There are lots of products on this platform and its trading speed are fast. Most critically, customer service staffs are careful and considerate. Thumbs up for it!”

Investment Strategy of Global Research Team

Our global research team works for you to judge the trading information which drives the market trends, which enables you to predict the potential price volatility and seize the trading opportunity.

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High Risk Warning

Although the information distributed by internet may conflict with local laws, users should understand that the information contained within the website of FXBTG Financial Limited is not issued to any specific country, or to specific member of the public or the company of specific country.
Advanced money market of FXBTG Financial Limited respect personal privacy. FXBTG Financial Limited guarantees that, any personal information including identification, address, date of birth, telephone numbers and other personal information related to the user, will be stored by FXBTG Financial Limited and will not be exchanged, sold or surrendered to third party without prior consent of the user.

Fund security

BTG Global (FXBTG) is a FX trading brand of FXBTG Financial Limited. BTG Global has 11 years of operating experiences of retail FX online trading worldwide. From 1999 until now, there are numerous personal and institutional customers and even governmental customers trading FX, crude oil, gold, silver, CFDs and indices online through us. In regard to the safeguard of money, the safeguard plan for money of BTG Global has been accepted and praised by our customers.

Risk warning

All financial products trading on margins involve high risk. They are not suitable for all investors. Your losses may exceed your original investment. Please ensure that you have full understanding of relevant risks. And when needed, please seek professional advice. FXBTG Financial Limited has registered with Financial Service Providers Register(FSP319786) @2002-2017 FXBTG Global ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.